Setting up a MD3000i, on a SBS network

Hi All,

I am currently installing new hardware and moving over to ESX 4.0 with a Dell MD 3000i. Our current system is SBS 2003 (domain controller) and 2 x Windows 2003 standard servers (antivirus, blackberry etc)
We are currently upgrading to SBS 2008 and Server 2008 R2s.

My question is I have looked at the Dell TechCenter for advice on setting up a ESX 4.0 and the MD3000i and found the following document:

After some investigation on this site I came across information discouraging the use of subnets on a SBS network.

What are the advantages of running the subnets shown in the article?
Should I stick with the single – 255 network?

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Sul05Connect With a Mentor Commented:
you need to configure two subnets on the md3000i and then two subents which tie in on the md3000i

The best thing to do is have the two 2008 r2 servers linked to the md3000i and cluster them.
create disks on the md3000i for sbs 2008
expose the disks to the 2008 servers and install sbs 2008 on that.
hope that makes sense
If you want i can send you some configuration via email.
Paul SolovyovskySenior IT AdvisorCommented:
If you're using a SAN you should have a min. of 2 subnets.  One for yor producton network (virtual machines) and one for your SAN (ESX hosts connected to MD3000).  
We have the folloing subnets with our MD3000i
192.168.0.x for SBS LAN
192.168.xx.x for raid controller 1 on md3000i for raid controller 2 on md3000i

this allow for full multipath and failover
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WayneDickersonAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the comments,
Sul05, it this something you have to setup routing on the SBS or can you just configure it through the md3000i through the "Configure ISCSI Host Ports"
Thanks again
WayneDickersonAuthor Commented:
Thanks Sul05
What I would like to do is utilize the ESX and VShere with HA to manage the redundancy of my 3 virtual servers. We will be running 2 x Dell PowerEdge 610 hosting the virtual servers.

I am trying to implement the ESX servers and MD3000i connection while still running the SBS on it own hardware.
The main issue is I have virtual disks on the MD3000i that are currently connected to the SBS which I would like to maintain. (But not business critical)

The current setup of the MD3000i is just on a single subnet.,,,
If this is changed will I loose connection to the SBS?
Or will I have to setup routing on the SBS to see it?
Or is this just handled by the ISCSI connection?

Thanks again

Sul05Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Wayne
If you are keeping your sbs on it's own hardware. i would disconnect the non business critial virtual disk
create a cluster with your r610 and md3000i with two subnets just for iscsi. expose the virtual disk via a vm to the sbs.
Hope this helps
WayneDickersonAuthor Commented:
given the path a solution has been found
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