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hi friends,
i was adding a search option to my vb6 project form on flexgrid object.. i wrote a set of code which works fine to find fields which is not matching and removing from the flexgrid (ultimately the rest will be the search answer)..but the issue what i am facing right now is i need to find all the partial matching fields, :if a person searching for the name john all the names starts or end with john need to be displayed.. i hope you understood my issue..

the code i written is given below

 Dim target_name As String
  target_name = InputBox("Enter The Keyword you wish to Search", "Search")
  If Len(target_name) = 0 Then Exit Sub
  target_name = LCase$(target_name)

Dim r As Integer
Dim c As Integer
Dim boo As Boolean

  For r = FlexGrid.Rows - 1 To 1 Step -1
    boo = False
         For c = 1 To FlexGrid.Cols - 1
         If LCase(FlexGrid.TextMatrix(r, c)) = target_name Then
         boo = True
         Exit For
       End If
       Next c

    If boo = False Then FlexGrid.RemoveItem (r)
  Next r
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If LCase(FlexGrid.TextMatrix(r, c)) = target_name Then

If InStr(1, FlexGrid.TextMatrix(r, c), target_name, vbTextCompare) Then
IntelopsAuthor Commented:
the above mentioned issue was resolved through the method specified by mr.danaseaman.. but now i have an issue with the same code

if my fixed rows on the flexgrid is enabled its giving an error that as "Cannot remove last non-fixed row" while the search didnt return any answer.. can anybody help me on this..???
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