How to remove 'Untrusted Connection' warning message from firefox?

I often get the message "This Connection is Untrusted" after which I need to select -> I understand the risks and then need to add a certificate to trusted list. This happens very often even for secure sites like Citibank Online banking. How do I make sure that this message never appears again and the webpage opens directly without any such warnings.
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Hi sukhoi35,

Try these links, they should help you:

Basically it is this:
Bypass the warning.
On the warning page, click I Understand the Risks.
Click Add Exception.... The Add Security Exception dialogue will appear.
Read the text describing the problems with this site. (if need be)
Click Confirm Security Exception if you want to trust the site.

This should help.

please let me know.
As you mentioned that the message appears even if you visit well known websites link "Citibank", you have to be cautious. Citibank, for example, uses verisign certificate which is recognized by "almost" all of the internet browsers so it should not give you a warning. That should only happens in two cases:
1- Your browser's predefined certificate authorities have been deleted.
2- Your connection might be intercepted by someone else.

To address #1 uninstall the browser then reinstall it again. If the problem persisted, it is most likely that case #2 is valid. So, you need to make sure your machine is scanned for malware. Also, check the proxy settings of the browser.
I would not disable this warnings.
The warning should NEVER appear for any bank, paypal, or other shopping site.

It should mostly occur for self made web servers with self signed certificates or for some small web servers of persons who don't have a own domain, who use virtual https servers and so on.

Do you ave similar warnings when using another browser.

You could also try to create a new Firefox user profile and check whether it's firefox or your usr which is broken.

It sounds very worrying, that your bank's web server is not recognized.

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sukhoi35Author Commented:
Hi Experts,
Thanks for your responses.
This problem is happening on my office system. At office, data is routed through some zscaler stuff ( I don't know if this is one of the causes.

When I clhose online banking at citibank site, a small pop-up window opens, this is where I got the above warning message. I added the exception as mentioned above and could later transact normally. After my transaction, when I logged out, this page again appeared and I had to again add exception. I doubt if something is fishy because I could login to my account and do transactions normally. I will check if the same thing is happening on other systems at my workplace.

i don't remember deleting any certificates, i installed the firefox just last week

This problem does not happen on IE. I will check with the profile thing you suggested and get back.
sukhoi35Author Commented:
when i created a new profile and checked, i faced the same problems. I have attached 3 screen shots.

screenshot 1: this is how citibank page appears when i visit the site under new profile in firefox screenshot 2: when i click on login on the mainpage, a pop-window opens. that is when i get the warning message
screenshot 3: the actual mainscreen as it appears and as it should appear when i open in IE
sukhoi35Author Commented:
Same thing happens even for gmail !
"I doubt if something is fishy because I could login to my account and do transactions normally"
This has nothing with the connection security. Interception should happen while the one is doing his stuff without interrupting him. can intercept your connections but I doubt it from such a company.

Visit Citibank's website and click on "Add exception" on "This Connection is Untrusted" page then click "View" and take a snapshot and paste it here.
This sounds like a broken firefox installation.

if your Firefox configuration is not too complex, then I would
- save your firefox profile directory to another directory or to a USB stick
- uninstall firefox,
- reboot
-  reinstall firefox
- and try again

sukhoi35Author Commented:
Hi Yasser,
Attached is the screenshot.

Make sure your system clock is properly set. This usually happens when the system date is too old to verify the legitimacy of the certificate i.e. current system date is set before certificate creation date.

Good luck,
So, Zscaler are the ones. This is what happens:
Typically, when you browse a secure website (i.e. https) the connection between your browser to the website is encrypted so that no one can intercept the data transfered (i.e. passwords/credit card numbers...etc). That means Zscaler has no idea what data is being transfered between you and the secure website. So, they used their own certificate (this is why the warning) to secure the connection between you and them so that they can see your data.

I don't want to go into details but basically Zscalar are able to see all your encrypted connections.

For me, it is strange they do so but you better check your agreement with them or contact them directly.


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