How to add Child server to Parent Server

Let me explain the issue.....

We were using two server let us say server 'A'(Parent) and server 'B'(Child). All the users of parent server 'A' was their in Child user 'B' and it was working fine. Due to some prob, I format the Parent Server 'A' and created the users in server 'A' which are there in child server 'B', now the end users are able to login in the server 'A'. But, Server 'B' is not accessible.

Please let me know the solution to recreate the server 'B' as a child with respect to the parent server 'A' as it was there before formatting the server 'A'.

Please let me know, if you are in need of any information.
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crazyenglishmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Are you servers running active directory?
Aijaz1982Author Commented:
YES, All the users are running active directory
crazyenglishmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
When you rebuilt server A, did you rebuild the domain? As in did you start it from scratch and create a new domain?

What exact steps were taken when rebuilding Server A.

Perhaps you could try taking Server B off its current domain and readding it to the new domain.

I am just trying to build a picture of what has happened and what you currently have running.
Aijaz1982Author Commented:
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