Q about Full / Incremental Backup Exec 12.5 on RDX media


I have a Backup Exec SBS Ed version 12.5 backuping up an SBS2003 to an RDX 320GB Removable Disk.

I have two RDX media and change them normally on saturday morning.  Saturday evening starts the weekly full backup.  All other days are daily incremental jobs.

A couple of Q about this:
Can i change the schedule so that my weekly backup runs on satuday and wed evening and all other days incremental?
What happens if i change the tape a day to late lets say on sunday will it make a new full backup or doesn't it check what's on the inserted media?
Does changing RDX affect the jobs at all or does backup exec keeps in it's local database whats been changed from the previous backup?
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Do you have a high level of data change with your site that requires more frequent full backups?

Whether or not the RDX's overwrite each other depends upon how you have set up your retention times on your media sets.  If you have a concern over the wrong drives being overwritten then adjust the retension time to prevent it.

Generally BackupExec keeps all details of backups taken in its database as generally it keeps a note of all the media you use.  I'm presuming that RDX cartridges are treated the same as tapes in this regard.

When you do a restore you will be able to see the dates and times of each backup and then choose the data accordingly.  I presume you have already done a test resore of data.  If not I would heavily recommend it as an exercise in understanding how Backup Exec works.  The last thing you want to do is to have to get up and running with BE with an irate IT Manager breathing down your neck and demanding the data back NOW!


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Finally, I find for most purposes, a full backup, followed by daily incrementals covers most needs.  However, I would recommend that you increase the number of media to allow at least a months backups to be retained.  Many users do not notice that data has gone missing until they need it again and sometimes that can be weeks later.  At least with a month of backups you can satisfy most needs.

You might also consider getting one disk a month stored offsite in case of a major disaster.

PlusITAuthor Commented:
Hi Snibborg,

thx for the input, the data doesnt change that rapidly on the site but i need to keep it low budget.  I will take your advice into consideration and would work out the following:

check how much data is taken away for 1 full backup + 7 incrementals if two of those fit on a 320GB cartridge i would do the following:

3 rdx cartridges of 320GB
Weekly Set - 2 week OP (Overwrite Protection)
Daily Set - 2 week OP

If the costumer changes the RDX tapes a few days late there's no problem.

That should cover it, I've tried to recover allrdy and i'm rather familiar with Backup Exec it's just i haven't used the incremental backup not much just daily full on tape.

Are their any downsides or known problemes recovering from incremental sets?  Or shouldn't i worry to much?
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I've never had problems with incremental backups and I've been using them for years.   The only negative is that it takes longer for the software to find what is going to be restored because it checks the full first then looks for the latest iteration.

I would have thought that as this is a relatively small backup set, it is unlikely to affect you, but it will be marginally slower if you have to do a complete restore.
If you are using RDX media, then it would stand to reason that you are actually performing B2D backups (Disk to disk).
You may have noticed that you need to inventory and possibly catalog the RDX media after a media change.  Otherwise BackupExec will not realize that the removable disk has been changed.

Right click on the drive and uncheck Enable, replace the cartridge, and re-enable the drive.  Then right click again and select Scan. Inventory the media and catalog the media.
PlusITAuthor Commented:
michael, i thought when using this as a removal backup to disk media (like it's setup) these steps weren't necessary ?
We have been unsuccessful in getting it to work without performing these steps.
PlusITAuthor Commented:
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