Signature file displaying as attachment

I am sending a signature file, by embedding in email. It is displaying as image,But it is coming as attachement as show in following image. How can i get rid off the attachment. I want to display as image only with in email body.
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Send E-mail as HTML and
Embed jpg using HTML in signature..
Example :

<img src='' border='0'/>

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gpinfotechAuthor Commented:
Im sending it using linked resource and alternate there is any problem with this.

                    'HTMLContent will be viewable by email clients that support HTML
                    Dim BodyText As String = "<html><body>" + _Message + "<br/><br/>" + _Sender + "<br/>" + "<img src=cid:Signature>" + "<br/><br/>" + "</body></html>"
                    Dim MediaType As String = "text/html"
                    Dim HTMLContent As AlternateView = AlternateView.CreateAlternateViewFromString(BodyText, Nothing, MediaType)
                    'create the LinkedResource (embedded image)
                    Dim Signature As New LinkedResource(_Attach2)
                    Signature.ContentId = "Signature"
                    'add the LinkedResource to the appropriate view
                ElseIf _Attach2 = "" And _Message <> "" Then
                    Mail.Body = "<html><body>" + _Message + "<br/><br/>" + _Sender + "</body></html>"
                    Mail.Body = "<html><body>" + _Message + "</body></html>"
                End If
The email protocol is a text-only protocol. By itself, it does not support HTML and embedded images.
Hence, all images you integrate into your text - be it only smilies - will by necessity be transferred as attachments.
It is your email reading application which then interprets the HTML and displays the attached images inside the text.

So, as long as your signature is displayed as an image, everything is fine.
It is simply impossible to have the image transferred in any other way than that of an attachment.

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Marc ZCommented:
Keep in mind also, that SOME companies may consider the attachments (images) as spam mail and either bounce them or flag them as junk.  If you have clients complaining they don't get your emails, this could be a reason.
gpinfotech--Based on your Zones designation for this question, I understand you are using Thunderbird as your email program--although your screenshot suggests Gmail.  Have you looked into Thunderbird's Help file to see what they say about creating signatures?
Marc ZCommented:
Thunderbird still Attaches images when they are part of the Signature.  It won't help him with his Attachment issue.
The only way to send an email without an Attachment is to not use an image in your email.
gpinfotechAuthor Commented:
Marc ZCommented:
gpinfotechAuthor Commented:
gpinfotechAuthor Commented:
Thank you all for the responses.
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