How do I share a DVD drive on a domain?

I have two machines I am using for self training. They are not used for any purpose other than to create learning scenarios about windows and SQL server. Thus there are no security issues to worry about - except to learn about security itself!

The server machine runs Windows server 2003 and the client machine runs windows Vista business.

I have created an AD domain on the server which the Vista mmachine is joined to. All OK.

The windows machine is rather old (but OK for purpose) and only has a CD drive. I want a quick and easy solution for loading programs that are stored on DVD - I therefore want to share the DVD drive on the Vista machine accross this 'mini Network'.

Vista will not let me share the DVD drive and I can only access 'Printers' on the vista machine from the Server.

Can you point me in the right direction for getting access the the Vista machine resources from the server and allowing access to the DVD on the Vista machine from the server.



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merowingerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can create the ISO, store it on the server and mount the image from the client
Why won't you create a .ISO image from the DVD and mount it on the vista computer with an application like MagicDisk?
DavidHannenAuthor Commented:
Thanks - that looks like a very promising solution. But how do I then allow the Server machine to see the resultant ISO image mounted on the Vista machine?
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DavidHannenAuthor Commented:
Ok - I'll give it a lash :-) - will get back when I have triumphed! Thanks
or you can set up a standard share:

right click the dvd drive you want to share, go to sharing and security tab. enable the share and call it something simple. allow everyone read access on BOTH the share tab and the security tab, then on the other machine to connect to it go start>run (or in windows explorer address bar) type:

\\pc-name\dvd drive share name
apologies, just saw this part of the question >>Vista will not let me share the DVD drive
DavidHannenAuthor Commented:
Excellent solution - thanks
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