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I have 30 PCs that are connecting over WLAN running windows 7. They are connecting to a Windows 2008 domain controller using group policy. Trying to get them to connect to the wireless prior to login (so they can connect directly to the domain). They have setup a wireless profile in group policy and are pushing it to the netbooks however when the netbooks are first turned on the wireless connection is not being established, this has been tested by trying to logon with a  user who does not have a cached account. If they login with a user that does have a cached account, connect to the wireless, then logoff and then login with a user that does not have a cached account it works.

Im sure there is a way in group policy to delay the login so that the wireless client will authenticate on the Wi-Fi then be able to logon to the domain? I know this was possible with XP and SB 2003.
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fishmanfishmanConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Always wait for network at computer startup and logon... Found it myself
fishmanfishmanAuthor Commented:
I should also add that I the way they wanted to set this up (as ive seen it before) is to use the username and password they enter into the login prompt in windows to authenticate them into the Wi-Fi. Hence the need for the logon delay.

So they enter username/password, windows uses that username and password to authenticate onto the Wireless. Then they will download the roaming profile!
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