NAS & LSI Megaraid

Hi All,

We've had a requirement for a NAS fairly recently so I assembled some parts and came up with a NAS running Openfiler 2.3 (Redhat based)

The object of this unit is to run NFS share for a couple of vmware servers and a backup solution for our other servers.

So the Problem:   Raid 5 write speed!!
The Servers Hardware consists of
8GB of Ram
TST ESR-208 SAS/SATA 2U Case, 8x Hot swap HDD, 600W Power Supply,
8 x Seagate SATAII NCQ 1.5TB 7200RPM 32mb Cache 10TB (Raid5)
1 x 320Gb SATA 2.5" HDD (os drive)
exFujitsu LSI Logic / Symbios Logic MegaRAID SAS 1078 (rev 03)

Simple DD test I'm only getting around
sync ; date ; time dd if=/dev/zero of=bigfile bs=1M count=10000 ; date ; time sync ; date
Wed Apr 21 19:53:26 EST 2010
10000+0 records in
10000+0 records out

real    3m26.104s
user    0m0.008s
sys     0m12.957s
Wed Apr 21 19:56:52 EST 2010

real    0m18.624s
user    0m0.004s
sys     0m0.152s
Wed Apr 21 19:57:11 EST 2010

So around 48mb/s, Write.

So the issue I'm having is i'm only able to obtain  30-50mb/s Write speed
in the array however easily obtaining over 500+Megabytes/s read.

I understand raid 5 takes a pretty big performance hit however i would have expected over 100mb/s.

I Currently have write-back caching enabled on the raid volume.

Any ideas?


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what did you set as the block size?   Are you using md-based software RAID or hardware RAID?  What firmware on the LSI card?   Was the dd tst run on the local system with the RAID, or across a network?
qtenAuthor Commented:
Hi dlethe,

The LSI Megaraid card is a hardware only raid device which dosn't support JBOD so i wasn't able to test the software raid as an option.

Blocksize of the Raid 5 is 64kbyte. I have done a little research on increasing the blocksize however nothing to say this is the issue.

The dd test was completed locally on the server. as was the read test of 500+mb/s.

Firmware on the card 2007-11-19 I believe.


Actually, I have maybe 8 different models of LSI SAS/SATA controllers, including the 6Gbit SAS-2 models, and some can run RAID-only, others can only be non-RAID, others go both ways, depending on the firmware (-IT or -IR) but moot point now that I know you are using one that is hardware RAID.

A few things from the top
 * Upgrade firmware & BIOS
 * Look at the individual HDD settings to see if NCQ is enabled on the drives.
 * Is this a VM? Please clarify, if so, it changes everything
 * Re-run benchmark from single user mode, this minimizes overhead from other jobs
 * What are your FILESYSTEM parameters?   Please report them. Are you running ext3?
 * run the tune2fs program, I bet you can make a major improvement here.  
 * turn off journaling, you do NOT want to be journaling on this particular LUN with such a large stripe size. It will hurt your I/O.
 * There is a lot of tuning you can do with LINUX as well, regardless of the controller.      
 * WHat kernel are you running?

There are just so many things to look at, here is a nice doc from LSI

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qtenAuthor Commented:
Resolution was found via dlethe's comments.
qtenAuthor Commented:
Got me on the right track to resolving the issue.
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