Sybase recursive task hitting nesting level - how to avoid?

Hi All,

I'm using a task that's set to identify all the parental hierarchy of an item, as well as it's sibilngs & children.  This is a fairly tricky task to code efficiently but at this time my greatest challenge is that it seems to 'miss' items at run time.

During debug i'm hitting the nested procedure level wall, and only the top 16 items of 790 actually get the right tagging applied.  

Does anyone have any experience in how to batch out these sort of queries to avoid these limits?
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Which version are you at? You can increase 'max nesting level' in ASE 15. I am not sure when it was introduced. It may not be available in earlier versions.
edheAuthor Commented:
I tried the max nesting level change but it actually seemed to stay at 16 despite setting it to 100.  Not sure how that happened.

Anyway - what i did was put the @@nestlevel into the loop for the recursion to avoid hitting the maximum, having checked the data the depth is about 5 anyway so i cut it off at 7 (while....and @@nestlevel<7).  This allowed me to reshape the data into the correct order to work [asc] since it would only bail out on the nest level problems.

Problem solved.  All children & parents are in the same batches.

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