adding 0740 numbers to mobile

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can you point me in the right direction - where is it defined what number is treated as a mobile or not?
apparently 0740 are mobiles in UK and presently if I dial it I get "I'm sorry I can't let you do that"

Asterisk SVN-branch-1.4-r121596M
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I am not sure what you are asking; If you are asking about Asterisk it could go like this below.

;Australian mobiles start with 04
exten => _04XXXXXXXX,1,Dial(${VOIP-TRUNK-OUT}/${EXTEN:0},30,)
exten => _04XXXXXXXX,2,HangUp()

;All others numbers go out here
exten => _X.,1,Dial(${PSTN-TRUNK}/${EXTEN:0},30)
exten => _X.,2,HangUp()


ok thanks

the only context I can find that remotely resembles that is:
Context [ outbound-mobile ]
UK mobiles
_07[5789]XXXXX.      =>      1       Set(__ORIGEXTEN=${EXTEN})
       2       Set(__OUTBOUNDCALLTYPE="mobile")
       3       Macro(outbound-global)
       4       Macro(dial,${EXTEN:0:11},,${EXTEN:11},mobile,${EXTEN})
       5       Congestion()

so I guess I can try adding 4 in the mix right? change _07[5789]XXXXX to _07[45789]XXXXX

Yes I think your on the right track.

Here is a link;

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