import-mailbox: error 'Microsoft Exchange Server' reported error (0x80040107): 'Could not open the item. Try again.'

server: sbs 2008 premium

- i collected all the PST files from old sbs 2000 thru Exmerge.
- save the PST files to external hdisk.
- build exch 2007 Management station with WinXP. install the required softare (powershell, etc)
- successfully import the mailbox thru exchange management shell with this command
 >> import-mailbox -identity user2 -pstfolderpath e:\psts (where e is the external hdisk, under psts folder user2.pst is save)
- import is successful.
- when i logon on using user2 user on client machine and launch outlook- mailbox is not populated with imported mails.
- when i click send nad receive an error pops-up 'Microsoft Exchange Server' reported error (0x80040107): 'Could not open the item. Try again.'
please  help.thank you.

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B HCommented:
sounds like something in that user is corrupt...  does it work for everyone else?

if it's just one user, do this:
in exchange GUI, create an additional storage group
then move the corrupt user into that group, it will strip out any corrupt objects in the mailbox
then move it back to the first storage group
and delete the additional now-empty group

you might do well to copy the PST's to a real, internal hard drive before the import... strange things can happen when streaming huge files thru usb
Satya PathakLead Technical ConsultantCommented:
As per the Error code (0x80040107):  user's outlook profile configured in "cached mode"?
disable cached mode and check it ...

charles_lawrenceAuthor Commented:
Patience is a Virtue :)
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