vSphere4, Equallogic, Backup Exec 2010, off-host backup

Backup Exec 2010, Equallogic PS6000X and VSphere4 - Offhost Backups

Hi all

Struggling to get this working so thought i would check i am not misunderstanding something.

I want to use BE2010 do do off-host backups of my vmware estate.  Have vSphere4 working with Equallogic SAN no problem, all working great.  Now to back it up...  My understanding is that the following process will take place broadly speaking:

1. BE2010 job starts, AVVI speaks to VC and arranges hypervisor-level snapshots of the VMs.
2. BE2010 uses Equallogic vss provider to take a volume-level snapshot of the relevant volumes on the Equallogic.
3. BE2010 backs up the volume snapshot over iSCSI.
4. BE2010\EQL VSS provider removes the snaphost on the SAN.
5. BE2010 tells VC to remove the hypervisor-level snapshots.
6. Job done.

I have a server running BE2010 trial (Win2003 x64) with multipe NICs.  It has the ADBO and AVVI options installed.  It speaks to VC fine and can backup VMs directly.  This same server has 2x NICs connected to the iSCSI network, and Equallogic's HIT kit is installed with the EQL MPIO driver. I have configured access to the relevant volumes on the SAN, and have successfully connected the SW iSCSI initiator to the volumes.  They show up in the iSCSI initator and also in Windows' Disk Management snap-in.

I can back up an NTFS volume presented to the BE2010 server fine - I can see the IP adresses of the BE2010 server connect to the volume and read lots of data - great.

I have installed both ASM/ME and ASM/VE onto the BE2010 server, both connect fine to VC and the SAN and can manually take snapshots on the Equallogic.

So i'm happy that on a basic level i have vSphere, the Equallogic and BE2010 configured correctly.

What I was expecting to see was a snaphot appear on the Equallogic, but that does not appear to be happening.

Should it?  Or does the snapshot happen on the vmware level and then BE2010 just copies the data from the live SAN volume?

I've followed the guides from Equallogic and Symantec but when running a simple job to backup a single 40GB VM I keep getting an error in BE2010:

"Snapshot Provider Error (0xE0008537): Offhost backup is not supported by all of the selected resources in the job....."

I've read the docs on Symantec's support site (http://seer.entsupport.symantec.com/docs/305347.htm) and been through the related documents for troubleshooting but can't see where i'm going wrong.  

I have installed BE2010 remote agent into the VM but seemed to make no difference.

Any thoughts or advice would be great - should this even work the way i am expecting it to?

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straynorAuthor Commented:
Spoken to Dell\Equallogic who state the off-host ability for Vmware backups is in beta and should be released in a future version of the HIT kit later this year.

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