windows 2008 r2 share level security

Under win 2003 server one used to be able to create a share and set security on both the share and the underlying file structure (NTFS) separately.

With win 2008 R2 it seems as I change the security on the share windows changes the security info on NTFS.

I have a system where the database and engine requires giving full access to a directory as a repository for documents for everyone. I want to share this directory across the network so an Administrative process can then back it up but would like to restrict access to it from the network.

Am I right in assuming I can no longer do this with win 2008 R2
Jo CoxAsked:
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Muhammad KhanConnect With a Mentor Manager, ITCommented:
Unfortunately i don't have access to a Windows 2008 box right now... you can try right clicking on the folder and then go to properties.. .there you should be able to see the Security Tab...
Muhammad KhanManager, ITCommented:
No... you can still give separate NTFS and sharing permissions....

IF you use Sharing wizard to create the share, it will set the same permissions for both type of accesses. but once this is done.. .you can right click and go to Security Tab and set the NTFS permissions like good old days...
Jo CoxAuthor Commented:
That sounded good to me but  have just added further security permissions to NTFS after having eated the share. If  I then select the folder -> right click -> share with -> specific people and look at the people listed it lists exactly (including the ones just added) a reflection of what is on the NTFS security.

I am not convinced that what you say is right or maybe I am doing something wrong?

Jo CoxAuthor Commented:
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