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I would like to validate mobile from my web page.So my process is as below

Member will key in his mobile number and request key.
My web page sends the key to mobile and member enter that key along with mobile number for verification.

Please help to let me know how should i proceed for sending key on mobile. I am using Classic ASP as a web scripting language.

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You can check out keep in mind you will need a component to handle the actual SMS.
You can use this service to get the email address to use to send a text message to the phone:

You can then send the verification code to the phone using this email address, and do the verification yourself.

rajneesh1978Author Commented:
This site is chargeable, i would like to develop the system on my end so please let me know how can i proceed and what are the requirements,
rajneesh1978Author Commented:
I will check and let you know
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