MochaSoft TN5250 AS400 emulator for windows mobile 5.0

Has anyone used this application and would you recommend it?  WM 5.0 would be running on Symbol MC9090 scanners and communicating with the AS400 via wifi.  Thanks in advance!
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Gary PattersonVP Technology / Senior Consultant Commented:
I've used it (not on the Symbol MC9090, specifically, though).  

Worked fine.  Of course, you'll need to test thoroughly in your environment.

- Gary Patterson
Theo KouwenhovenApplication ConsultantCommented:

Why that dificult approach, I assume every scanner supports telnet
otherwise look to TN5250J or any other java terminal emulation.

konadawgAuthor Commented:
Hi Murphey2

Difficult? You have used it and decided against it yeah?  I'm really looking for something that does not require developer skills to get running.  The mochasoft offering seemed to fit that.  
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konadawgAuthor Commented:
Just had a look at the TN5250J developer site.  Not confident that it will run under WM5.0
Gary PattersonVP Technology / Senior Consultant Commented:
What is difficult about the about the Mochasoft solution?  The biggest negative I can come up with is the fee of $250US for an unlimited company license.  Most companies don't find that cost to be a real show-stopper.

TN5250J (and other Java emulators), or course, require Java.  Windows Mobile 5 doesn't offer native support for Java.  There are a couple of third-party JVM's available (support is very limited, though).  Performance also can be an issue when adding a software JVM, and of course, these products use up valuable, limited smartphone memory.  

Of course, this is also somewhat more complex to set up and maintain than simply loading a single (developer-supported) commercial product like the Mochasoft emulator.  TN5250J has the benefit of being free.  It (and the third-party JVM's) has the drawback of most free software - limited support.

Telnet (as opposed to TN5250) can be a sloppy solution of you need to run full-blown AS/400 display file applications.  Since most Telnet clients don't support 5250 terminal types, numerous 5250 colors, display attributes, and display file features are not supported.  It can work for applications that have very basic functionality, or if you have the flexibility to design you applications specifically for vanilla Telnet client.

I've used the Mochasoft products extensively over the years in production environments, and found them to be dependable - with the bonus of a smaller memory footprint than many competing products (Including Client Access).

- Gary Patterson

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Theo KouwenhovenApplication ConsultantCommented:
"The mochasoft offering seemed to fit that. "

Telnet is opening a terminal session on the AS/400 need no other programming then the as/400 appl. that you like to run.
And.... it's free
Gary PattersonVP Technology / Senior Consultant Commented:
But not all 5250 applications run properly over vanilla telnet, hence the need for a TN5250 client like Mochsoft's.

- Gary
Theo KouwenhovenApplication ConsultantCommented:
as long as you use F1 to F4 and no more key's it's running smothly :-)

Gary PattersonVP Technology / Senior Consultant Commented:
Exactly.  :-)

- Gary
Theo KouwenhovenApplication ConsultantCommented:
"But not all 5250 applications run properly over vanilla telnet,"

Correct and not all 5250 application will run standard on a 3,7 inch display...
so some special programming must be done anyway
(or give the users +10 glasses)
Gary PattersonVP Technology / Senior Consultant Commented:

So is it fair to say that you've never used the product that we're discussing here:  Mocha TN5250 for Windows Mobile?

If you had used it, you'd probably know that it renders 80 column and 132 column 5250 monochrome and color screens on touchscreen and non-touchscreen displays, and has very nice scroll and zoom features that make it possible to run any 5250 application on even the smallest mobile screens - with no programming required.

I've yet to see an 5250 application that it can't run.  I'm not saying that one doesn't exist - just that it provides a highly functional TN5250 interface optimized for mobile devices.  

I've been very impressed with it - if you have a need for TN5250 on Windows Mobile, you should check it out.

- Gary Patterson

Theo KouwenhovenApplication ConsultantCommented:
On a on a 3,7 inch display...???

at our age a 22" monitor is just big enough :-)
Gary PattersonVP Technology / Senior Consultant Commented:
I hear you!
konadawgAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot guys!  I think I will go ahead and order the extra RAM required to host the .net 2.0 install and try Mochasofts offering.  For that price, it makes sense.  Thanks again for all comments.
konadawgAuthor Commented:
Thanks again. You didnt have any major issues getting it running did you??
Gary PattersonVP Technology / Senior Consultant Commented:
I've recommended Mochasoft's excellent TN5250 products for years due to  their quality, price, and excellent "free upgrades for life" policy.  I  was recently disappointed when I was unable to upgrade from their XP  product to their Vista/Win7 product.
 When I requested help from their tech support, I was told "That is not an upgrade, it is a new product."
 As a result, I'm regretfully withdrawing my recommendation of this product after many years as a satisfied customer.
 Disappointing when good companies go bad.
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