Deleting email securely from Outlook /Exchange - how?


I have a client who gets some very sensitive data into their email.
Sometimes they want to delete email and there be no trace of it even on the server or in the backup tapes that are created each day and taken off site.

Off the tope of my head I was unsure to achieve this because if you delete an email in Outlook (connected to an Exchange 2003 part of SBS server), many traces of that email still exist within the exchange store.

For example also they have a retain deleted items for 7 days which is a desired setting for most people in the company.

So how is it possible that one can delete an email from Outlook, and make sure that email is deleted completely from the Exchange store and that no remnants of that email will exist

The other option to consider without deviating form the main question too much is email encryption. However the user does not want to make it difficult for people to email her. Is there a way she can have the email encrypted that does not require extra effort for her contacts to email her.

Any input appreciated.
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If you want to delete a mail to make it unrecoverable then do the following:
1.) Delete it on the day it comes in so does not get backed up
2.) Delete it from the "Deleted Items" folder
3.) go into "recover deleted items" and purge it from there

The item is now unrecoverable and won't exist on any backups and won't be held in deleted items retention.
afflik1923Author Commented:
Regarding point: 3.) go into "recover deleted items" and purge it from there

can you do that from Outlook? I know you can see those items from OWA, but did not know you could from Outlook.
Click on the "Deleted Items" folder and then you can do Tools-->Actions-->Recover Deleted Items

This will show the items being held in Deleted Item Retention (dumpster) for that folder, these can then be purged.

You can enable the "Recover Deleted Items" for all folders in Outlook, by doing the following:
Add this registry key

DumpsterAlwaysOn (DWORD): 1

Then restart outlook and you can "recover deleted items" from any folder.

The above is for where users have pressed Shift+Delete and the item has been deleted without going to the "deleted Items" folder.
afflik1923Author Commented:
Thanks for this. I also want to learn more about securing / encrytping email from end to end but this is for another thread.
Thanks for the points
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