How do I connect a Cisco 2970 switch to a Cisco 4948 switch and pass two VLANs though?

I am trying to connect6 cisco 2970 switches to a 4948 backbone but need to be able to pass traffic though for one other vlan. Presently I am only able to pass the default vlan 1, but not able to pass a vlan 3 that I have configured for a DMZ. I am looking for the commands or some insight on how to make this work.
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switchport trunk encap dot1q <--might not be needed depending on your software in the switch
switchport mode trunk
switchport nonegotiate
switchport trunk allowed vlan 1,3

You need to turn the ports that are connecting the switches together into a trunk

By default the trunk port should carry traffic to and from the switches for all vlans configured.

If you just want vlans 1 and 3 to go across you could specifically allow that by doing:

switchport trunk allowed vlan 1, 3

Do you have the vlans in the database on your backbone switch and other switches that need that traffic?
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