Vertual Machine

Windows XP Pro

I want to create an image of a PC so I can then use it with my VMWARE Workstation.

Hoe do I do this?

I have only ever create a VM from scratch but I need to have the image of a XP machine so I can use it else where....
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Install vCenter Converter Standalone tool and do a P2V of your physical XP box.


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It probably won't work if you use an image from your PC on a virtual machine because Microsoft built Windows from XP onwards so that if more than 2 or 3 parts of the hardware changes (processor/motherboard, etc) it won't run. VMWare tells the software that it runs on a VMWare machine and hides your real hardware to a certain extent. So I strongly doubt if it will work.

BUT it is possible to hack it. I know of about 2 guys that were able to make an image of XP that can be used on various different hardware platforms. Not sure how they did it, but they played around with the hardware registry and config in the original machine and edited Windows so that it only locks onto the hardware after the image was deployed on the new machine.

You'll also need to use the sysprep tool.
But watch out, you'll mess up your XP badly if you don't do it right.
Actually, it does work...and pretty well. But, you make a good foundational point "rmtt"....licensing. If your source machine is OEM-based, you will have to buy a new license for the VM as the OEM license is "married" to the box it came with. And also, vCenter Converter can do sysprep'ing via the wizard, it's just that the poster will need to download the sysprep files for XP, if they're already not on the machine that has vCenter Converter installed.

Thanks for the info, coolsport00. I'll keep it in mind and perhaps try it sometime with vCenter Converter.
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