Mysql DECLARE variable

Hi guys,
I want to assign a value to a field

I have done this by

declare totalreferences Int default 0;
select count(transref)
INTO totalreferences
from history
WHERE storenumber = 2 and
Brandnumber = 2

I get,
> syntax error on line 1 near, 'declare totalreferences Int default 0'

If I run the query with out the first line, I get
>Error, 'undeclared variable totalreferences'

What i think Im doing -
declaring totalreferences as an int with a default of 0;
selecting the count(transref) , INTO totalreferences
from history
WHERE storenumber = 2 and
Brandnumber = 2

1) can i only use DECLARE inside stored procedure.
2) can someone give me an example using maybe @totalreference if this is what i need

THanks for any help
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For the query in your example, you can simply do:

SELECT count(transref) AS totalreferences
FROM history
WHERE storenumber = 2 AND
Brandnumber = 2

If you really do need to use variables, you'd do it something like this:

SET @totalreferences=0;
-- populate the variable
SELECT COUNT(transref) FROM history INTO @totalreferences;
-- select the variable
SELECT @totalreferences;

Note, however, that variables are only used in the scope of a connection. So if you're using mysql_connect, you'd need to change this to mysql_pconnect to start a persistent connection.

You can always do it like this, in a single line, but note that the name of the column returned would be "@totlareferences := COUNT(transref)" and not "@totalreferences":

SELECT @totalreferences := COUNT(transref) FROM history;
Chris StanyonCommented:
How about this:

select count(transref) as totalreferences
from history
WHERE storenumber = 2 and Brandnumber = 2;

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Read more here:


I think you'll find your problem after checking out those sites.

Just an addition to my previous post... DECLARE is only used in stored procedures, no need to do that here.
kingjelyAuthor Commented:
Hi guys thanks,
Rj, yea i think what im after is learning how to use variables. cool thanks !

Thanks Chris, for trying.
and Deis. i will have a look thanks !
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