Is there a tool to find files modified after a certain date.

We are moving one of our software applications from a self hosted solution to a company hosted solution.  Two weeks ago I had to zip up and encrypt the entire data folder for said application, copy it to an external HDD, and send it off next day air.  Now they just hit me with the request of uploading via the internet a .zip archive of all files/folders that have changed since the original backup.  Is there any tool available that will find files modified since 'x' date that I can use rather than having to scroll through each individual folder?
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Use Robocopy - it's free, it's powerful, and has tons of switches to get the job done.  Here's some samples.

 /MAXAGE:n :: MAXimum file AGE - exclude files older than n days/date.
          /MINAGE:n :: MINimum file AGE - exclude files newer than n days/date.
          /MAXLAD:n :: MAXimum Last Access Date - exclude files unused since n.
          /MINLAD:n :: MINimum Last Access Date - exclude files used since n.
                       (If n < 1900 then n = n days, else n = YYYYMMDD date).
additional - You could use the appropriate Robocopy switches to re-copy files to a new destination, then zip them.
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Thomas RushCommented:
Even WIndows' built-in search will do this.   Open Search, select Advanced Search, select the directory you care about, put in the data parameters.

Once the files are selected, you can highlight, right-click, and send them where you wish.
tcbgeeksAuthor Commented:
@oldman - seems to be a windows 2003 tool

@self - that's what I decided to do yestarday.  Do you have suggestions on how to zip up all of the resulting files withing the windows search box while maintaining folder structure?
robocopy will retain folder structure when you do the copy to a new directory.  Check out the switches using the command "robocopy /???"
Thomas RushCommented:
OldMan is right -- You can't do what you need  from within Search, but RoboCopy should do it with ease.
Thomas RushCommented:
Oh -- you can get RichCopy, free Microsoft tool, from the link at 

It should do everything RoboCopy does.  Or if you really want RoboCopy, see

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