Apple LDAP, Workgroup and Apple Mail

For some reason, I cannot add users to the LDAP when I add mail to the user.  I get this error -

Error of type eDSCannotAccessSession(-14006) on line 274 of /SourceCache/WorkgroupManager/WOrkgroupManager- 319.2.2/Plugins/UserAccounts/

This has been working fine until last week.  I did have to rebuild the LDAP database last week.
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khodgkinsonConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Came up with a little different solution.

First, I exported all of the services on the server, copied the var/db/openldap folder contents and exported all of the users, groups, computers and computer groups from Work Group Management.

Second I used Archive in Server Admin Open Directory to Archive the ldap and passwords.

Third, I think this was the key, I demoted the Replica LDAP. (I don't for sure, because I also demoted the Master but I think the replicate may have been were the real problem lay).

Rebooted everything.  Recreated the Master and added a user with a mailbox and it worked.  Then I restored the Archive.  I was told this can be a iffy because the Archive restore would probably recreate the errors since the archive is like a clone, cloning the errors also.  But, the archive restored, and I could create a new user and mailbox and could add mailboxes to the users that existed before, but could not made the mailbox before.

This does not seem like a big deal, but without the Archive, I would have had to recreate all of the users from the export and hand key all of the passwords since the export does not include passwords for 166 users.  I don't even want to think about the Sharepoints and Permissions.

I wrote a script to create an Open Directory Archive scheduled to run every weekend because the archive restored took about 2 minutes to complete, way faster than from a backup or image.

Hope this helps someone else down the line.

Have you tried adding the users to LDAP first and then mail enabling them ?
khodgkinsonAuthor Commented:
Have added the users and then add a mailbox, but that does not work.  It llooks like the LDAP is hosed - AGAIN!  Probably going to just rebuild, but this time, I will archive the LDAP everytime I make a change.
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