Open FRx files directly from Sharepoint Site

I have loaded FRx files (.FRD) on my WSS 3.0 site.  However, when attempting to open these files, IE requires me to save the file, instead of opening right away.  I have added .FRD to the MIME Types on the IIS server.  I have .FRD files set to a default program in Windows.

What other settings need to be altered?

I am working on a Windows 7(64 bit) machine, running IE 8.

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vikas413Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Application which support SharePoint protocol, only that documents/files can be opened directly.. otherwise it will give normal Windows messages box which allows either Open or Save the file after downloading on the machine.

because of this reason only, SharePoint upload file provides Overwrite functional, so that user can upload a new version of same file without creating a new item in same library.

this is my understanding only, so if there is any way I still not come to that in last 2.5 years of Moss exp. ;)
njmattAuthor Commented:
So there is no way to force Sharepoint/IE to allow direct opening of a .FRD file?
njmattAuthor Commented:
When selecting "Edit Document", the file opens directly in FRx.
njmattAuthor Commented:
I was able to find a workaround.  If you click the drop down menu next to the file, and click "Edit Document", it opens the file straight into FRx.  After clicking that edit option, you can then open the file directly.  So in order to open the file directly, you simply have to click Edit.  
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