I am looking for a way to link data from a Sybase database on a UNIX platform to MS Access 2003 on Windows XP. Has anyone done this successfully?

Experts, I need to make some data available for a mail-merge process that will utilize MS-Access and Word. I have installed Sybase's SQL Anywhere which does include an ODBC Driver, but have not had success in achieving a connection. Has anyone out there come up with a way to do this; something similar?
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You need to attach an ODBC table and be sure you're using the correct ODBC driver and connection string.  


This worked for me (this is code to generate a connection string...  the key is "WA2=8192;" line if you're tyring to do it DNS-less:  http://database.itags.org/sybase/68091/

                Case "Sybase ASE ODBC Driver"
                    strConn = "ODBC;"
                    strConn = strConn & "DRIVER={" & rs("Driver") & "};"
                    strConn = strConn & "NA=" & rs("Server") & "," & rs("Port") & ";"
                    strConn = strConn & "DB=" & rs(sDB) & ";"
                    strConn = strConn & "UID=" & rs("UID") & ";"
                    strConn = strConn & "PWD=" & rs("PWD") & ";"
                    strConn = strConn & "DSN=" & rs("Server") & ";"
                    strConn = strConn & "WA2=8192;"
Here's the full set of code that should attach a table for you.  Just call the ConnectSybaseTable function
Function ConnectSybaseTable(strTblName As String, _
                sServer As String, sPort As String, _
                sDB As String, sUID As String, sPWD As String) As Boolean

On Error GoTo Connect_Err

    Dim strConn As String
    Dim db As Database
    Dim tbl As TableDef
    Set db = CurrentDb()
    strConn = "ODBC;"
    strConn = strConn & "DRIVER={Sybase ASE ODBC Driver};"
    strConn = strConn & "NA=" & sServer & "," & sPort & ";"
    strConn = strConn & "DB=" & sDB & ";"
    strConn = strConn & "UID=" & sUID & ";"
    strConn = strConn & "PWD=" & sPWD & ";"
    strConn = strConn & "DSN=" & sServer & ";"
    strConn = strConn & "WA2=8192;"

    If (DoesTblExist(strTblName) = False) Then
        Set tbl = db.CreateTableDef(strTblName, _
                      dbAttachSavePWD, strTblName, _
        db.TableDefs.Append tbl
        Set tbl = db.TableDefs(strTblName)
        tbl.Connect = strConn
    End If
    ConnectSybaseTable = True

    Set tbl = Nothing
    Set db = Nothing
    Exit Function

    ConnectSybaseTable = False
    MsgBox Err & " - " & Error & vbCrLf & "Table attach failed."
    Resume Connect_Exit
End Function

'The DoesTblExist function validates the existence of a TableDef
'object in the current database. The result determines if an
'object should be appended or its Connect property refreshed.

Function DoesTblExist(strTblName As String) As Boolean
   On Error Resume Next
   Dim db As Database, tbl As TableDef
   Set db = CurrentDb
   Set tbl = db.TableDefs(strTblName)
   If Err.Number = 3265 Then   ' Item not found.
      DoesTblExist = False
      Exit Function
   End If
   DoesTblExist = True
   Set tbl = Nothing
   Set db = Nothing
End Function

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dataman2004Author Commented:
Thanks! Actually, your first statement got me thinking. "Get the correct ODBC driver". I got the right one and was able to connect. Thank You!
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