Site to Site VPN between two Cisco devices: No peer struct to get peer description

I have two cisco devices doing a site to site vpn.  The primary site is an ASA5510.  The remote location is a 2801.  When I setup the site to site vpn and try to make the connection the tunnel does not create.  When debugging the 2801 I get a message that says "No Peer struct to get peer description"

Has anyone see this before?
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ptchubaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
However, you might want to check your access lists for interesting traffic. Make sure they exactly mirror each other at both ends.

Peter Chuba
you'll have to provide more info. Can you provide sanitized configs of both devices?
Goodwill-IndyAuthor Commented:
Hey I figured it out.  Peter you were on the right track.  The ACLS the way I had them setup were local network to any on both sides.  When I changed that to local network to remote network specific on both sides to point back to each other, the connection was establish.  Thank you for the ideas.
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