Emails to multiple recipients sending from MAILER-DAEMON and not actual recipient

A customer has an Exchange 2007 server. He has multiple domains on this server. Whenever he sends an email from a user that is not using the default domain to multiple recipients, the server changes the envelop from on the email header to Mailer-Daemon and not to the actual email address of the sender:

Header from:
Envelope from: mailer-daemon

The receving mail server then responds with:

553 Null sender cannot send to more than one recipient.

Yet when he sends to one user, the header is as follows:

Header from:
Envelope from:

The mail then goes through without a problem. Anyone have any ideas?
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Hi Drifted,
Do one thing. On Hub Transport Server, Check if there is any limit to Maximum Recipients in Global Settings, "Transport Settings". I believe it is just Transport Server non-default configuration that is causing this.

driftedAuthor Commented:
Hi Hilal,

Thanks for the info, what should it be set to?
What is the value now ?
driftedAuthor Commented:

Found out what the problem was, the customer had Pure Message installed which was changing the outbound senders for some reason. He has since disabled it and its working fine now.
hmm, That is cool :) But it is strange that it was doing it only when Mail was sent to multiple people and went fine when sent to a single user. Very Interesting :)

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