Outlook 07 sent items being deleted automatically

1 of our users is experiancing a strange problem in Outlook 2007 with Exchange 2007.
Some, but not all sent items are being moved to his deleted items folder automatically.
I watched as an e-mail was sent to me from his account, and a few minutes later, it was moved to the deleted items folder. I have already checked his rules and there are none that could cause this.
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B HCommented:
he may very well have another outlook set up on a totally unrelated computer, which has the rule to say 'delete it'

change his user password, then test with one outlook... instruct him to not use outlook on any other machine while you're testing it (an hour at most), or any phone

if that's the fix, start looking at your security logs for which ip address is trying to authenticate as him with the wrong password (since you just changed it), find that machine and adjust the rules
Make sure Auto Archiving is not active on the Sent Items folder:

Right-click on Sent Items folder
Select Properties
Select AutoArchive tab
Ensure "Do not archive items in this folder" is selected

summitMISAuthor Commented:
Have confirmed it is not another account on another machine, and there is no autoarchive tab on the sent items properties.
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Very strange that you don't have an AutoArchive tab on your SentItem folder properties.
Double check the rules. I would disable all rules first, then send yourself an email from his account and watch to see if it eventually ends up in Deleted Items.  Then methodically enable one rule at a time, sending an email and checking.  If you have eliminated all the rules, then do the same thing with the COM addins.
Other things to try:-
1. Check that the Sent Items folder < 2GB
2. Run the PST/OST repair utility

B HCommented:
have you checked for some third party software installed on a workstation, that automatically does things with outlook?  some of my clients have stuff like this installed
summitMISAuthor Commented:
There is only a single rule, and nothing about it could cause the issue.
The only third party software was blackbarry desktop manager and that had been disabled.
Blackberry was checked and there are also no rules setup on to move anything.
Sent items is a little over 800 megs.
B HCommented:
so.... for testing... can you physically turn off the blackberry and test from outlook?

i bet they get deleted when the blackberry gets turned back on.

this is kind of what i meant when i said "he may very well have another outlook set up on a totally unrelated computer, which has the rule to say 'delete it'"

basically, something else (the blackberry) is screwing with his sent items

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summitMISAuthor Commented:
We already tried turning the blackberry off, they where still deleted even with it off. The rules in Outlook and the blackberry where the first things we ruled out before posting here.
B HCommented:
have you tried this:

- change the users password.
- test in outlook, while NOT entering the new password on any other computer/device

we really need to rule out the possibility for some obscure mail client doing this from afar
summitMISAuthor Commented:
Already tried the password route as per your previouse suggestion, and the users password has actually been changed twice since he started having this issue.
B HCommented:
well, there's no function in the server itself to do this... so we have to keep banging the client side...

can we try from only an older version of outlook, or only OWA?  (meaning, keep any other client closed for this user)
Did you try the PST/OST repair?
summitMISAuthor Commented:
No, I did not try the pst/ost repair.
No PST files, and we deleted his entire account and recreated it so brand new OSTs as well.
The user is traveling out of state for the next few days so he will only be using webmail.
I have asked him if anything has been deleted since he has been on the road but he has not responded yet. As soon as I hear back I will update.
summitMISAuthor Commented:
User returned from field. Deletions stopped, but reason for them being deleted in the first place never found. As a precaution, completly removed hids blackberry desktop software. If the software was the issue or not, we may never know.
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