The handle is invalid on setup.exe

Hi all,

I have just received some new software on cd's and each time I try to install it (3 different programs on 3 different discs) on either XP or windows 7, I get "The handle is invalid" error message.

The only common factor I can think of is that we use Symantec Endpoint Protection.
I have disabled it, however I still receive the error message.

I have tried this now on 3 computers, with 2 different admin accounts

Am I missing something here?

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This error message is populated only if the application and device control policy is active on client computers to block running applications from cd.
Check if this policy is deployed and active...

Please check this link for "handle is invalid" error message with SEP installed.

Pradeep Jhala
Are you the local admin on the PC?  Right click on the install executable and click run as administrator.
storkyIVAuthor Commented:
I am the domain admin.
On the windows 7 machine I have tried the right click > run as but with no success.
I have also tried running with different credentials on the XP machine with no joy.
How do you know if your security is working?

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storkyIVAuthor Commented:
Hi Pradeep,

Thanks for that, but is the only answer to open this up to the whole domain, or can it be set individually?
Hi This can be set individually.

All you need to do is create a group and move the clients which u want  this policy to be activated or deactivated.
-YOu can disable policy inheritance on that group and then make the policies non shared. so this should work absolutely fine.

pradeep Jhala
storkyIVAuthor Commented:
Many thanks Pradeep, it worked for the whole domain, I just need to set up a new group now.
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