Access SSL Sharepoint site on Blackberry

I am running a WSS 3.0 site on a Windows Server 2008 machine, running IIS 7.  I am also running BES 5.0.  My Sharepoint site is running on SSL and I want to be able to access the mobile view from BB's on the BES network.  However, when trying to access the site I get:

HTTP Error 500: Internal Server Error

I'm assuming a change needs to be made on the BES server.  I have looked into the "Allow untrusted HTTPS connections" setting.  However, I do not see the setting listed in server view under the BES server.  I do see the setting listed under my Exchange server.
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Try changing the TLS setting on your device - options - security - advanced security options - TLS. Change the TLS Default from "Proxy" to "Handheld".
njmattAuthor Commented:
After making that change, I no longer get the Internal Server Error, I get:

HTTP Error 401: Unauthorized

Access Denied.

You do not have permissions to perform this action or access this resource.
Ok so from a web browser on the BES are you able to browse to the sharepoint https site?
njmattAuthor Commented:
After changing that setting, I disabled "Integrated Windows Authentication" and enabled "Basic Authentication" and it works fine.
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