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Sub Report not appearing


I have a report with sub reports in it.
When I run the report, some of the sub reports show and some don't.
Does anyone know why they are not showing?  They used to show.

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1 Solution
Have you checked the underlying data to make sure that there is data that would be in the subreport?  

Have you tried running the queries outside of Crystal to see if they return data?

A few things to check:

Make sure the subreports are not suppressed or hidden.
Make sure the joins are correct in the subreport - do you need LEFT OUTER instead of INNER?
Are the subquery links correct?  Right click on the sub report, an select "Change subreport links".  These can get lost when editing the subreport.
IsaacSharePoint Client Side DeveloperAuthor Commented:
There is data returned outside of CR and the subreports are not suppressed or hidden.

I can't even see plain text that is in my sub report.
Did you check the subreport links?  

You could try exporting the subreport, and then importing it back in.

Right click on the subreport, and select "Save Subreport As".

Then delete the subreport, and reinsert it by selecting "Insert / Subreport" from the drop down menus.
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IsaacSharePoint Client Side DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Ok. Now I see my Report Header Text but not my details.
I think I might be linking wrong.  It's linked as an inner join.

I have 2 tables and one of them is a look up table.  see below:


HL_sup_tbl & HL_sup_LU

ID        SUP_TYPE_ID     NAME                FROM
1                 2                  JOHN                 ARGENTINA
2                 1                  ANN                  CHINA
3                 3                  KIM                   AFRICA

SUPP_TYPE_ID                     SUPP_TYPE
1                                                   A
2                                                   B
3                                                   C

In my report I want to show

SUB_TYPE                 NAME                        FROM
B                                 JOHN                        ARGENTINA
A                                 ANN                          CHINA
C                                 KIM                            AFRICA
Would it be possible to post your report?  If not, can you send a screen shot of the Subreport links screen?

Are the two tables you show here both in your subreport only?

What you show above looks like it would be okay for a INNER JOIN - all the SUP_TYPE_ID values from HL_sub_tbl exist in HL_sub_LU.

The subreport link should be set from HL_sub_tbl.SUP_TYPE_ID = HL_Sup_LU.SUPP_TYPE_ID

If you only have these two tables, perhaps you don't need the subreport at all, and could add the second table to the main report.
IsaacSharePoint Client Side DeveloperAuthor Commented:
I see part of the problem.
In one of the columns, when I concatenate to fields using the Formula Editor, if one of the concatenating fields is blank it does not show in the report.

Ex: I want to capture full name in a report but if first name is blank and last name is not, "FULLNAME " will show up blank on the report.

FULLNAME defined as

How can I fix this?  I want the FULLNAME  show even if one of the names is blank.
I suspect you have NULL values in the name fields, not empty strings.  The easiest way to handle this is to do the following:

Select File, then Report Options from the drop down menu.  Check the box "Convert Database NULL Values to Default", and click OK.

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