Mesages not showing up in Outlook 2007 Inbox

I have a user whose email are not showing up in her Inbox.  She has Outlook 2007 SP2 and we are running Exchange 2003.  If she searches her inbox it will find messages that are in the inbox and she can open them.  If she logs into webmail everything shows up correctly in her inbox.  She will get a bar across the top of the inbox in webmail that says "An error occurred processing your junk mail list.  You are over the size limit allowed."  Also when she goes to manage the junk email lists in the options for webmail it doesn't load the page.  It only displays this message "HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error".

I also logged into two separate machines that she has never logged into before and the same problem occurs in Outlook.  One machine was Outlook 2007 and one was Outlook 2003.  If Outlook is set to Cached mode if will update all the folders, but when it tries to update the Inbox it will stay on waiting to update this folder.
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Does the user have a lot of rules or lots of "safe Senders" or "blocked senders" in the Outlook Junk Mail settings?
clear down the "blocked Senders" list if that is big because spammers do not use the same sending address so it is pretty pointless..
I know you can't open the Junk E-mail lists from OWA, but can you open it from Outlook?
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kckipAuthor Commented:
All of the blocked senders have been cleared from Outlook, as well as the Safe Senders. The user has about 12 active rules running. Yes, we are able to open June E-Mail lists from Outlook.
Export the rules then run Outlook /cleanrules and then see if the user can see the inbox mails and see if it will synch to OST.
kckipAuthor Commented:
In Outlook when I open the Rules and Alerts it pops up a message that says "One or more rules contains errors. Delete or modify these rules.".  After clicking OK some of the rules are in red and say they have errors.  Ignoring that for right now I try to export the rules and it pops up a message saying "A value in the 'Rule description' box was not set.  To set a value, click underlined words in the Rule Description area."

So now I try to delete the rules with errors and I am able to delete them all with no popups.  After they are all deleted I click on Apply and briefly a window pops up that says Applying to Server and then a new error appears.  It says "One or more rules cannot be uploaded to Microsoft Exchange and have been deactivated.  This could be because some of the parameters are not supported, or there is insufficient space to store all your rules."  I click OK and another error pops up that says "The Opperation failed".  I click OK and all the rules are deactivated.  If I click apply again it pops up a message that says the rules on computer and exchange don't match and it asks which ones I want to keep.  If I say client it errors out with the operation failed message.  If I click to keep the rules on Exchange it says, "One or more rules cannot be uploaded to Microsoft Exchange and have been deactivated.  This could be because some of the parameters are not supported, or there is insufficient space to store all your rules." followed by the operation failed error.

If I cancel out and go back in the same first message appears and then the rules are all there again, including the ones with errors, and the rules are active.

If I delete all rules the same thing happens with the various error messages.  If I run Outlook /cleanrules, or /cleanclientrules or /cleanserverrules, Outlook looks to load like normal with nothing showing in the inbox.
so when you run outlook /cleanrules does it actually work or do you still see the rules?
Have a look at using MFCMAPI to delete all the rules (including hidden/corrupted ones):
kckipAuthor Commented:
When I run outlook /cleanrules it doesn't delete the rules.  They all still appear.  I will look into MFCMAPI and see if that is able to delete the rules.
MFCMAPI should be able to do it easily for you as that will talk direct to the mailbox on the server.

Don't forget to say you want to keep "server" side rules if Outlook prompts you after the cleaning.
kckipAuthor Commented:
This problem has been resolved. The problem was not Outlook, but rather the Exchange datastore itself. Our backup job failed on the datastore where this users mailbox was located. I took the store offline, and used eseutil to repair the store. After the repair, the users mailbox is now fully accessible and working fine.

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