outlook very very slow

Dear Experts,

i did transition from exchange 2000 to exchange 2007 sp1, here is my setup:

2 CAS/HUB server with NLB
2 MB Servers with CCR

i move my all mailboxes and all mailflow is done from exchange 2007. i move public folder replicas from public folder instances container. as i am using exchange 2000 so there is no option like move all replicas so i use this command in exchange 2k7 shell:
MoveAllReplicas.ps1 –Server exchange2k –NewServer E2K7

it runs quietly without any error but still i can see all instances in pubic folder instances container in exchange 2000.

now my problem is if i shutdown my exchange 2000, my outlook users get very very slow. outlook opens fine but send/recieve takes approx 20 mins. if i start exchange 2000 again every thing gets normal.

how should i resolve this issue.
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Jamie McKillopIT ManagerCommented:
You must have public folders if you have Outlook 2003 clients. You have two options - you can leave your Exchange 2000 server running to house the public folders until you get all your clients moved to Outlook 2007 or you can build out a dedicated public fodler server on Exchange 2007.

Jamie McKillopIT ManagerCommented:

You can't have your public folder database on a CCR cluster. If you are using CCR, you will need to bring up another stand-alone mailbox server to house your public folders.

ISIS_TeamAuthor Commented:
thanks jjmck for prompt response,

ok i will not use public folders, but i have outlook 2003 clients as well, so will outlook 2003 will also go fine without public folders in exchange 2007.
Can you guide me that if i shut down my exchange 2000 what could be the issue of the slowness of outlook users where as OWA is working fine.
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