How to pick the right VPN for a SMB

I currently use a Linksys/Cisco WRV200 for VPN remote access.  The UI of the QuickVPN IPSec client is poorly designed but works well enough for us on Windows XP (32 bit).

We are considering upgrading all PC's to Windows 7 (64 bit).  I've tried the QuickVPN on a test PC that has Windows 7 and am unable to get QuickVPN to work.  I also tried setting up a direct IPSec connection using Win7 VPN but was unsuccessful.  

Cisco seems to have killed the WRV200;  no updates for Windows 7, etc.  Given how old the unit is I am looking at upgrading.   However, I can't find *any* recent unbiased reviews of VPN's targeted at the SMB/SOHO market.    Most of the reviews I see are at least 3-4 years old and don't cover newer models.   I have looked at SonicWall, Watchguard and Hotbrick but am having a difficult time figuring out which one is the clear winner.

Any recommendations or pointers to reviews?
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For a small business I would lean more towards the Cisco 800 series routers.  This is going to give you flexibility as well as an excellent vpn solution.  These units are reasonably priced.

You could also look at the asa 5505 firewall appliance which will also give you vpn capability.
stevelopezAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  I took a look at the specs ( and it seems like this is a very old line of vpn's.   The docs even reference Windows 95 & 98, with no mention of WIndows 7 or 64-bit.   I also didn't see any mention of SSL options so I am concerned that they don't have a updated version of a IPSec client.

Am I looking at the wrong unit or do they have newer versions I am missing?
The cisco 800 series have been around for a while, however they also have new models in the 800 series line up.  Below is a link to the model comparison model for the 800 series.  The new models even have 3G connection support you can use for a failover if needed.

You configure your IPSEC vpn setup in your router and cisco provides a software client you install on the PC's which will support windows 7.  As long as the software supports the operating system is all that matters.
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stevelopezAuthor Commented:
thank you (again).   The 870 wireless might work, though I am weary given the cautious  tales I read on Amazon of the poorly written GUI.  While I am certainly capable of learning the Cisco CLI as a small business I just don't have the time  (or the money to pay a certified Cisco person). So it needs to have an easy and reliable GUI, something the SonicWall's seem to be respected for. Not necessarily a complete deterrent but I do want to see what others have to say.

I didn't see any specific reference to Windows 7 (64 bit) support for their IPSec client.   Where can I confirm they support Win7?  (pls. understand my hesitance given they bought Linksys and then proceeded to completely dropped support for WRV200 on newer operating systems. Makes the consumer wonder how well their other products work on the new operating systems, a least without major setup headaches.
Take a look at this page:  This is the cisco anyconnect VPNclient. It will support windows 7 64bit.

You are correct in the gui for the cisco routers is not the best in the world.  If you are not comfortable with atleast some of the command line knowledge you may want to look at an alternative device.

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stevelopezAuthor Commented:
thanks.  Very good to know they have a Win7 64bit client.

I am going to wait a day or so before closing to see if anyone can provide links to side-by-side reviews given  soft requirement for a GUI at least as good as the WRV200.
Sonicwall's TZ180 or TZ210 is what we typically install for our small business clients.  The Sonicwall Global VPN Client is compatible with Windows 7 64bit as well.  These models also have an SSL-VPN client as well.
Additionally, you should avoid the Watchguard like the plague.  Their interface is confusing and requires a workstation to install the System Manager on.  They software for collecting web utilizing (who goes where and for how long) isn't easy to use either.  I'm not familiar with hotbrick.

I've been using the SW appliances for over 5 years now.  I've been certified in several different models.  They have their stupid points, but so do all of them.  By far, they've been the easiest to implement and maintain.  For small business, they are good almost out of the box.  When you turn them on and connect via IE or Firefox, you get a wizard that helps you set it up.  If you have an mail server or ftp server, there is a public server wizard that will setup the firewall rules, nat rules and address objects for you.  It's pretty simple. commercial is over and I don't work for Sonicwall.
stevelopezAuthor Commented:
while neither solution provided me with references to recent reviews of VPN appliances, the personal insights and experiences from both submitters will help.
Sorry, I guess I didn't know you wanted links to the reviews, but I see what you mean by reviews that are out there.  Kind of old the reviews.
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