VCB + BackupExec + .vmx files?


i run a full backup with VCB proxy and symantec backupexec 2010.
the backup is running fine over SAN and all .vmdk (VM disk files) are backuped.
with GRT during restore i can choose if i want restore the whole disk files or only some file (file level restore).

my quesiton now:
is it possible to ADD also the .vmx (VM config files) to my FULL backup?

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ashwin_kumar525Connect With a Mentor Commented:
When you backup thorugh VCB, in the back ground the symantec is doing nothing extraordinary but running the vcbmounter command that will backup everything related to the VM which includes the VMX file too. this is as far as I can say with what I have understood your question.

here is the syntax of vcbmounter command:

vcbmounter -h <ESX/VC Ip Address> -u root -p <rootpassword> -a ipaddr:<VM IP Address> -r e:\mnt1 -t fullvm -m nbd
run this command on the VCB proxy
x:\program files\vmware\vmware consolidated backup\

"-m -nbd" will transfer the files thorugh network and if you remove that switch, it will be SAN.
Tpm1973Author Commented:
yep i did a test and everything is backuped...

could it be that i have installed VCB proxy on the same server as BackupExec, but i don't use it???
as the VMware agent from backupExec 2010 or 12.5 can backup (full and file level) direct VMware VMs without VCB proxy?

or must be VCP proxy installed and backup exec use the VCB proxy to run "their own" scripts?

as i have not configured any VCB proxy script...

You need to use either VCB framework or VDDK to backup the VMs through snap shot provided by ESX. you can use VDDK only if you have ESX 4.0 and VCB will work for all. yes, it is a very good idea to have the backup exec on a VCB proxy machine as that will avoid network usage. you dont have to configure any scripts when using the VM agent.

I found an article on the web:

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