Install Windows 7 (64bit) Printer Drivers on Windows 2000 Server (32bit) OS ?

Am I amble to install Windows 7 64 bit drivers onto a Windows 2000 Server which is dishing out printer shares ?
OR do I have to setup the share on a Windows 2003 server ?
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Directly on Windows Server 2000, i guess it's not possible,
<ou can do one of the following steps:
1) connect from Win7 to the Win2000-Share, then you might be able to install the driver direct on Win7 but print to Win2000
2) print directly to the printers IP
3) move to Win2003, there it works fine
thegiantsmurfAuthor Commented:
I'm loathed to print directly to the I guess it's create a new Win 2003 Print server.
Thanks Gorbi999
thegiantsmurfAuthor Commented:
Continuing from the question....What are the complications, of having 2 x print servers pointing to the same printer (1x windows 2000 server - where the masses print from & 1 x Win 2003 server - where the Windows 7 users use?)

Would you get queing problems ?
No, thats no problem. The Printserver of the Printer (or Network-card) works with First-in-first-out, exactly like a Windows Printserver, which also handles print-jobs from several workstations at same time.
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