SonicWall TZ-170 / TZ-180 Firmware - Is there any difference?

We are considering swapping out a TZ-170 with an unused TZ-180 Firewall.

QUESTION: If there any difference in the firmware in the two? Can we expect the point-to-pont VPN function to be any different on the TZ-180?

The only reason for this swap would be an attempt to alleviate difficulties we are having with a VPN between our site and a CheckPoint NGX R65.

The swap involves bringing down an existing good network and we are trying to discern if this would help at all.


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mojopojoConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
We swapped out the TZ-170 for the TZ-180 and the issue is solved. This was a compatability issue with our FireWall (TZ-170_ and their current version of CheckPoint.

Thanks everyone.

It really depends on what the problem is that you're having with the VPN. Before carrying out hardware replacement I would advise debugging this on both sides to find out where the problem is as its probably a configuration that needs changed.

That said, firmware upgrades can often help ..

I would like to see the debugs first from the firewalls though ..

mojopojoAuthor Commented:
grimkin, thanks for the input.

To abide EE rules and keep this question on-topic I want to refer you to a question I posted about the VPN connection issue itself. It can be found here:

I posted this question specificaly about the function of the firmware between the two SonicWall Model TZ-170 & -180.

I don't know how relevant the answer is going to be, because if we do not resolve the issue using the TZ-170 in the next 24 hours we are going to replace it with the TZ-180 to give it a try.

Again, anyone wishing to follow the issue ov the Point-to-Point VPN connection between the SonicWall TZ and the CheckPoint NGX R65 can follow and/or post here:

Thanks everyone.

I will post in the other question,

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