No attachment link in Blackberry after BES 4.1 SP6 install

I updated my blackberry enterpriser server from 4.1 with the SP6 release.

After the update, some users get a message with an attachment but the blackberry device does not show the paper clip icon or the [1 Attachment] link in the body of the message. The user can click the menu button and the option to 'Open Attachment' is there. Of course, the user won't know there is an attachment to use this option. This does not happen on all users and all emails.

I sent a test pdf and the user with the issue sees the attachment as normal. But if I forward the message they are having issues, the attachment link does not show. My device sees the attachment as normal, but certain users do not get the attachment link.

Is this with the user's device or something directly on the BES or both?
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Can you try to delete the service book for any one of the user and resending it and see if the problem persists ?
gregurlAuthor Commented:
From additional testing, I have found that the email message with the issue is one sent from SQL Server reporting services with a PDF attachment. If I save that file and resend with Outlook, the same user having the issue can open the file. Some users can open the original email on their blackberry as normal and some cannot.

I read that it may be something in the formatting of the message that why some don't see the attachment. I found some article about the format may be TNEF(Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format), but I don't get yet why some see the attachment and some do not.

I will resend the service book and post my results.
gregurlAuthor Commented:
The service book did not seem to fix the issue.

If I swtich the email from HTML to Text in outlook, the user with the issue sees the attachment as normal. So, this tells me the email sent from the SQL Server job is formating the email message in a way the blackberry device cannot translate properly.
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gregurlAuthor Commented:
I found the possible cause is the SQL Server is sending the message in Application: multipart/mixed mode. I looked at the headers of the message and see Content-Type: text/plain and Content-Type: text.html. The blackbery article kb11894 says only one type should be used.

My phone is able to view the message and I am using version 4.2.2 on my device. I noticed users with the issue had higher version 4.5 and above so far.
gregurlAuthor Commented:
After some testing from the SQL Server Reporting services, The closing <HTML> and <Body> tags are not part of the message. We included those tags, but SQL server wrap the entire message around a <table><tr><td><span> and thus the issue still exists. The message headers still show two content types of text and html.

Is there a proper way to format an email report from SQL services to go to the blackberry with one content type of text or html?
gregurlAuthor Commented:
The final verdict is that the type of email generated from the SQL Server repoting services when sending a PDF attachment has code that comes in plain/text and html. The blackberry will need the email to be in one or the other format but not both to work on blackberry OS 4.5.

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We had this same issue where Blackberry users could not see the Excel attachment when sent an email from SQL Server reporting services (2008 R2).  When the user forwarded the email to themselves they were able to see the attachment on their Blackberry.

We were however able to resolve the issue by removing text from the comment section for the SSRS subscription.  This text would normally display in the message body, it appears that SSRS is not rendering the mail message correctly when there is both comment text and an attachment as they both would normally appear in the message body on the Blackberry.


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