Exchange 2007-As Delegate Cannot Accept Equipment Scheduling Request

I have set up several equipment accounts, similar to the way I currently have functioning room accounts set up, but some of my equipment accounts are not working as expected.  The scenario I want to achieve is that a requestor of a piece of equipment receives a tenative email until the delegate has approved the request, then they receive an acknowledgement.  This is working on all of my rooms, and also on some of my equipment, but on others, it is not.  On the non-working equipment, as the delegate, I receive a message:  "cannot open calendar folder for user ***.  Operation failed.  The odd thing is that I have several identically set equipment resources and several work, while others does not.  Through group membership, I have set up the delegates and also added the group to have full access permissions on both .  I have attached the settings for each of two pieces of equipment--one working, one not.  I"m not sure where I have gone wrong, so any assistance would be much appreciated.
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SRC_ITAuthor Commented:
In Active Directory Sites and Services found that domain controllers did not have automatically generated connections in NTDS settings to all of the other domain controllers, so I manually added connections to those that did not have them, and this seems to have cleared up the issue.
SRC_ITAuthor Commented:
I have discovered more about this issue and it doesn't appear to be Exchange-related after all.  It seems that if a delegate has authenticated to one of our domain controllers, they receive the message that they cannot open the calendar folder.  Another user in the same delegate group, who has authenticated to a different domain controller is able to accept the meeting that the first user cannot.  We appear to have an issue with one of our domain controllers, which is perhaps a replication issue.  
That was my first thought after reading your intro :)

Let us know if it's going better ;)
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