Filemaker Sending Email on Calc Change Problem

Thought I had solved the problem with setting a trigger to a calculated field (which sends an email).  I compare this calculate field (Real Estate CAP rate) to an Old_CAP field and if they are equal, it is not supposed to send the email.  However, every time I click into an income or expense field or basically anytime it recalculates, it doesn't seem to recognize that is equal with the old field if no changes are made.  Any solutions?  Currently, my trigger is not on the CAP field, but OnRecordCommit on the Layout.
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rvfowler2Author Commented:
OK, this is a first.  Figured it out myself.  Tried copying the CAP rate number into a variable and then comparing with CAP_OLD, but didn't work.  THEN, tried copying CAP rate into another number field, "CAPcompareFirst" then comparing this with CAP_old and it worked.  Email no longer sent if you change a number and then changed it back to the same number before exiting the field.  So, another question...

My boss only wants the fields in the email that are actually changed.  The fields are Income, Expense, NOI, Price, and CAP.  CAP will always change (it causes the email).  However, without causing a bunch of convulted IF statements, how do I check to see if each of the other 4 have changed and exclude those who are equal with their partner, e.g., Expense_Old, etc.?
rvfowler2Author Commented:
Example of my Email:

The CAP rate just changed, which means Price and/or NOI (Income-Expenses) has changed.  See below for the field(s) affected:  

Property:   - Lincoln plaza - shopping center
Address:  2904 Long Beach Rd., Oceanside

New Gross Income:  $539,180.00
Old Gross Income:  $539,180.00

New Expenses:  $186,027.00
Old Expenses:  $186,027.00

New NOI:  $353,153.00
Old NOI:  $353,153.00

New Asking Price:  $4,400,000.00
Old Asking Price:  $440,000.00

New CAP Rate:  8.03 %
Old CAP Rate:  80.26 %
no secret, you need to store the old values. you could have an old value field for each, but this wastes a few fields.
the easiest probably is to store changes in a global variable if the value on field entry is <> from value upon commit, concatenating all of them in the same one, then use this to send the mail.
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