Windows 7 Problems

Hello all,
  having a problem with one of our office PC that is running Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit.  Got in this morning and could not access the internet one of of the profiles.  Tried going into another profile to check it and that profile will not load at all, just hangs at a black screen w/ the cursor.  I am able to move the cursor but no amount of keyboard smashing will work.  Booted into the Computer Repair option on boot-up and attempted to run a System Restore and got the following:  rstruie.exe - Application error instruction at 0x742629e7 referenced memory at 0x028b91ca could not be accessed.  I'm currently running a chkdsk /r  
Just an FYI, no new hardware has been added and according to the main system restore screen there was a windows update performed early this morning.
Any further ideas on what may have happened?
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It looks like memory dies. Try memory tests (Gold memory, or internal memory test)
Clarification: What do you mean by "access the internet"? Do you mean Internet Explorer or Firefox?

Is it possible that there are add-ons to the browser that were corrupted by this recent update?

Can you check the windows update under safe mode to see what was updated?
wcoilAuthor Commented:
running memory tests using Memtest now, will post results
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wcoilAuthor Commented:
parazeno:  access the internet, all my widgets stopped working (i.e. Pandora radio) and i could access no pages in Firefox, Google Chrome, or IE.

Once i am done w/ the memtest i will boot into win 7 again in safe mode and check the windows updates.
Perhaps Windows Update updated your NIC card? I have seen updates for my own card recently.
Let me know how the tests went.

wcoilAuthor Commented:
ok, still running Memtest, thankfully have a second PC on a KVM switch so i can monitor it.  Would a win update for the NIC card cause the PC to not be able to boot into Normal Mode?  just wondering 'cuz i wasn't able to boot into windows at all after the problem started.  Just got a black screen w/ a cursor.
Depending on the setup at your office. If your are logging onto a domain, or have a program that accesses the network is launched at profile launch, it might error out. It's hard to say without more detail of your setup. If you can do a system from safe more, or try to restore from Windows boot cd/dvd, you might have a chance to see if it was indeed something from the windows update. From there you can stop your automatic updates and see what it attempts to install.
wcoilAuthor Commented:
memtest still going w/ no errors.  We are not logging onto a domain, but i will check once memtest is done on the default prog's that are set to launch if i'm able to get into Safe Mode.
Hmmm assuming the profiles could have gotten corrupt... try logging in as Administrator and blowing the other profiles away... then when the users log back in, they should have a fresh start.

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wcoilAuthor Commented:
ok, Memtest came back ok.  If i boot into Safe Mode w/ Networking i am able to access the profiles no problem.  I attempted to do a system restore and get the following error even after uninstalling my A/V program.  System Restore failed while copying the registry from the restore point.  An unspecified error occurred during System Restore (0x80070570)

This link suggests that it could be resolved by creating a new user account.

However, I would consider backing up your data in safe mode and running some disk diagnostics, e.g., the boot hardware diagnostic. Or perhaps others from

When failures of that nature happen, assuming it is not a hardware issue, I always feel best doing a re-image/fresh install. Hopefully that will get you somewhere.

wcoilAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all the help and sorry for the delay in replying.  I ended up "blowing" away all the profiles under safe mode and still was having trouble.  Ended up doing another chkdsk 2 times and each time was finding errors that needed repaired.  Ended up just putting in another HD and starting from scratch.
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