Customizing a native template for printing on Avery postcard stock in Publisher 2007

Dear Experts,

I want to print one postcard to send to a single person. I have a package of card stock and the correct stock template number.

The crux of the dilemma is this:  I designed the postcard suitably, but the Print Preview shows that it intends to print a full page of the same label.

As for the next 'actionable step' (Allen, 2001): my options are many -- but there has to be a feature, function or wizard that is explicit this end.

I turn to genius for a clue about where to start. Ideas?

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If you created your postcards with the Avery 3381 template (from File --> New ---> Postcards --->  Avery US Letter ---> Avery 3381), a single blank postcard should have appeared.

After you entered in that info for the first side, then you hit File --> Print. The dialog box should say "Printing Options" - and the choices I see are One Page per Sheet and the second one says Multiple Copies Per Sheet. Do you have the Multiple Copies per sheet choosen?

If this is properly set, then if you look at Print Preview, you should see the four cards on one page.
9XqUwH3SAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your patience. I will confirm the result, shortly; I am trying to use the individual layout in conjunction with pre-installed -- 'canned' -- template designs.
9XqUwH3SAuthor Commented:
Yeah, you were right: I had to uncheck that box. Good lookin-out. Thanks!
9XqUwH3SAuthor Commented:
Note to others: Paste: "Print multiple labels, name tags, or postcards on a sheet" into Publisher help search box and scroll down, if necessary.
This is like Pulblisher 101, Chapter 2... but for me, well, it's just all cumbersome.
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