adprep /forestprep wont work, adprep.log is empty

I everyone, I want migrate the dc 2003 r2 to 2008 r2 srv.

And when I execute the command adprep /forestprep, nothing happen
I checked the adprep.log and his empty.  

Also try to execute adprep /forestprep on few windows cd version, 2003 r2, 2008 etc… event move the directory on the desktop, but still nothing.

Done all the updates and bla bla bla

Also changed the mode of the server 2003 so not my server mode is “Windows 2003” not “win 2000 mixte” anymore

I executed the command dcdiag.exe, everything is fine.

… So adprep /forestprep wont work, no error no log...  what can I do???

Should I try dcpomo on my 2008 server now; event if adprep /forestprep   gave me no result?

:/ :\ am a bit lost in my conversion please help me :P
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alainboisvertAuthor Commented:
Forgot to say that am log in with a user that got full right…

Ex: member of administrator, Domain admin, Domain user, Enterprise admin, Schema admin
If your 2003 DC is 32 bit you have to run the ADPREP32 located on the 2008 R2 DVD
Darius GhassemCommented:
You should be running adprep32.exe off the 2008 DVD on your schema master FSMO role holder.
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alainboisvertAuthor Commented:
Not sure what you mean… am I suppose found a application called adprep32.exe on the dvd; Or the adprep32 that you mean is called adprep.exe but is located on a 2008 re x32 dvd … ?

Cause in every dvd that I have check I say a adprep.exe file but didn’t found adprep32.exe

Anyway I tried to run adprep /forestprep on every possible version: P

There is the name of the dvd version that I have try from my action pack south case
Microsoft windows server 2003 R2 standard x64 edition (OEM)
Microsoft windows server 2008 Enterprise & datacenter 32 bit edition (OEM)
Microsoft windows server 2008 Enterprise & datacenter 64 bit edition (OEM)
Microsoft windows server 2008 standard contains 23-bit and 64-bit software
Windows server 2008 (x64 and x86)  (MSDN)

Also checked for the existence of adprep32.exe but as you can say I founded nothing

If that can help, there exactly what happen when im trying to do adprep /forestprep

So I enter the command, nothing seem happen I press enter one more time and it came back to d:\sources\adprep\

Checked the log and nothing
adprep32.exe should be located in the same folder as adprep.exe on the 2008 R2 media.

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on which computer you are running this command on 2003 or 2008 it should be 2003
alainboisvertAuthor Commented:
Found it !!!

But I just came to say something real strange….

Ok fist of all both server are on vmwares… so this is a test before my real conversion, anyway

When I have search for adprep32.exe on my read pc, I say it in the directory support… with full of others files….
 When I check for the same files on my vmserver (2003 r2 standard 32 bit) with is a virtual machine; I say the directory almost empty but still say the adprep.exe but no more adprep32.exe?????  twighlight zone :/

Also find 1 other bug, when I put and eject too much cd in the cd-rom it won’t recognise any cd after a while: P

1  -   So finally restart my main machine with is the host oh the 2 virtual server (2003 and

2-     Insert the dvd of 2008

3-     Restart my virtual server

Finally found the adprep32.exe….

Thx you guy, your solution was good, he just take with so much time to found this damn!! Application…..  
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Windows Server 2003

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