Internet Explorer won't open on SBS 2003

I just started administering an SBS 2003 Standard server and internet explorer will not open on the server. The icon on the desktop looks like IE 6, but the quick launch icon looks like ie 7 and add/remove programs says 'Windows Internet Explorer 7'. When i double click the IE icon on the desktop or the IE icon in quick launch, nothing happens. I check processes and nothing is showing up there for Internet Explorer. I've tried running with No Add-Ons, but the same thing happens. At this point i'm concerned that i can't to a check for Windows Updates. Automatic updates are enabled, but i'd feel more comfortable if i could actually get online and browse to the update site. Internet is working as i can update java and the online backup through MOZYPro runs every night. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
James ParsonsAsked:
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Can you get an installer for Firefox on a USB Key or other media, install that, and then use it to download a version of IE? Sounds like things are hosed with IE.
If all other aspects of the server are working fine, I'd go download the appropriate IE 8 version for WIndows Server 2003 and install that.  Then retest.  Use another computer on the network to put the file on the share and run it from there.  IE 8 is here:

If you want to troubleshoot why IE is not opening, I'd check the application event log to see if there are any clues in there.
James ParsonsAuthor Commented:
I've reinstallled IE7. Just waiting for an opportune time to restart the server. I tried IE8 initially, but it said SBS2003 was an unsupported OS. As soon as i reboot the server, i'll know what's going on.

Thanks so far.
James ParsonsAuthor Commented:
Downloaded Firefox, used that download IE7 (IE doesn't work on SBS2003), and then installed IE. Restarted the server and now i'm good. Thanks!
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