Copy files from unsynced computer

I have my ipod synced to computer #1. On computer #2, there are 2 mp3 files that I want to put on the ipod. Is there a way to just copy those 2 files to the ipod from computer #2?
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I'll recommend you move the files from computer #1 to computer #2 using an USB memory.  Just copy them, add them to your playlist and Sync your iPod.
allelopathAuthor Commented:
Yes, I could do that, except computer#1 is currently 90 miles away.
You can copy them to the iPod but not as a song but as a file then when you get back to your computer you can copy it and then you can put it on th eiTunes library

Connect the iPod to the computer, CLOSE iTunes DO NOT let iTunes to mingle with the iPOd or you'll lose your music.
The iPod shoul show in the file manager, configure it to show hidden files you'll see several folders I think you should use the one namer "other" then you can use the iPod as a hard disk and you can copy the song.
When yoou get back to computer #1 do the same except now youre gonna copyu the music from the iPod to the Computer.
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allelopathAuthor Commented:
Can you be more specifi about how to see the ipod?
In the Device List, I see "iDisk" which might be the ipod, but when I click on it, i have to sign on to "MobileMe" which I don't have.
Another option is presented here
As for your last comment
This only works with an iPod NOT with iTouch or iPhone
First set your Ipod to be used as a hard disk.
On the Ipod
Toggle the Hold switch on and off. Press and hold the Menu and Select buttons until the Apple logo appears, about 6 to 10 seconds.
press Select and Play when you see the Apple logo, the Ipod should show a check mark, now you are in Hard Disk Mode.
Select the Ipod as a hard disk from explorer, with the option "show hidden files" turned on
Copy the files to the folder "Other" or something similar.
You won't be able to play the songs as they won't be included on the database.


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allelopathAuthor Commented:
Look at the linked instructions, I don't see "options"
The top menu of itunes is:
ITunes File Edit View Controls Store Advance Window Help

I have set itunes to no automatically sync, so no worries there.
It's from an old version of iTunes, most likely you'll find it on Advanced
allelopathAuthor Commented:
I don't see it in Advance or in Preferences
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