An error occurred while querying for the user's Redirected Folders data.

As I understand relocating certain default shares (such as the Users' Redirected Documents on SBS 2008 is best done using the provided Wizard (SBS Console, Backup and Storage, Server Storage).

I am trying to use this on a client's server, but am getting the following error:

[Window Title]
Move Users' Redirected Documents Data
[Main Instruction]
An error occurred while attempting to move the Users' Redirected Documents data.
An error occurred while querying for the user's Redirected Folders data. This can occur if you moved the FolderRedirections folder to a different location, or if you changed the letter of the drive where the folder is located. This can also occur if files in the FolderRedirections folder are open.

There are no open files on this share.  I have also not modified this in any way.

Trying to Google this error is like finding a needle in a haystack...

Has anybody got some advice / ideas ?
Sam RavenscroftIT ConsultantAsked:
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I don't understand your question:

Are you running the "Folder Redirection" setup via the wizards?

Have you gpupdate a workstation and checked to see if folder redirection is working?

Have you checked in the Group Policies manually to see if anything is changed?

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Sam RavenscroftIT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Perhaps I should clarify.

Everything is working 100%.  The folder redirection, GPO's etc.

I am trying to relocate the folder from one volume to another as there are issues with free space.

In SBS there is a Wizard to do this:
Open SBS Console, go to Backup and Server Storage, click on the Server Storage tab, then under tasks in the right hand there is "Move Users' Redirected Documents Data".

This wizard will not run, and gives the error message as originally posted.

I have resolved this though.

As I coudn't get the wizard to work I have manually moved the data (using robocopy) and then recreated the share.

(robocopy <source> <destination> /COPYALL /MOVE /E)

I have also updated the registry key:
HKLM\Software\Microsoft\SmallBusinessServer\Storage, FRRootPath to point to the new location.

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yes, as long as the share name is the same, the workstations don't care as it really DFS.

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Sam RavenscroftIT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Absolutely, I would have liked to use the Wizard though... just makes things easier.

Also - with SBS it is always preferable to use a wizard when available, as opposed to doing things manually.
swallerCommented: long as the wizard works. Which is less frequently with SBS 2008 than the more mature SBS2003

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