Dual NICS Increase Bandwith

I recently set up an ESX Server and I'm configuring a Backup and Archive (BARC)  Server on the same network to function as a datastore.  

I'm trying to figure out how I can increase bandwidth to the BARC.  It has 2 X GB Nics and I wanted to try and configure NLB on the NIC's to get more bandwidth.   I'm not sure I'm pointed in the right direction.

That and I can't figure out how to configure it.  

The 2 NICs are on the Same 3COM 24Port Gig Swith as the ESX.     The ESX has 8 GB NICs.   6 Configured as Virtual networks, 2 configured as Service Ports.  

Please Help.
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Justin EllenbeckerIT DirectorCommented:
You will need the 3Com software to create the Bond between the adapters.  Then depending on your switch you will need to make them an ether-channel so that the switch doesn't go haywire seeing the same MAC on two ports.  The software if not already on the machine from 3Com should be available from their website.  I haven't used a 3Com in a while but broadcom creates the pair and then gives you options as to how you want it to work, whether it be ALB or Failover.  Again this will be dependant on the capabilities on the NIC.  Then create the ether-channel on the switch so that those two ports can act as one and you should be all set.
Justin EllenbeckerIT DirectorCommented:
Sorry I read that a little out of order what are the NICs, the switch is the 3COM, that is what you will need to make sure has an ether-channel, if that switch has it licensed from cisco.  Some other switch vendors call it link aggregation or something similar.  To get more details I would need the exact model of the nic and the switch to see what the capabilities are.
Stepping one step back if you are looking to increase bandwidth NLB may not give you a consistent bigger pipe.  Plus you will need to setup NLB on both ESX and the BARC taking up four ports on the switch.  The biggest problem with NLB is that most the time it will only use one port as the dedicated upload and the other one as download.  Configuring the right setting on both the switch as well as the client software to ALB would be better.  Given the price and effort it maybe cheaper in the long run to just upgrade to 10GB switch and nic.  The performance is much more consistent specially for a datastore.
C_ParlatoAuthor Commented:
The server has 2 x Broadcom BCM5708C NetXtreme II Gigabit network Cards

I was mistaken with the switch.  I was looking at the wrong switch.   The Switch everything is going through is a Dell PowerConnect 2748
Justin EllenbeckerIT DirectorCommented:
OK the broadcoms are easily handled with teh BASP software which as mentioned is on the website.  Stick with JamesDai, you need to make sure the proper load balancing is used.  BASP does a pretty decent job of explaining what type does what.  Also ESX will not send more data out unless they are teamed as well. Like James said if these backups come from the service ports as far as I know there is now way to team them to get more than 1gb without a bigger adapter.  The way vswitches work somewhat prevents this as it will take the data and use the available path to send it out, which is why you need trunks back to your switch.  Kind of how you have 6 NICS in esx but a single VM can only ever use 1gb.

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