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I have an EMC Clariion CX700 with FC DAE. I want to find out are there best practices for shutdown & start. I don’t want to keep it up and running all the time this will consume lot of electricity, at the same time I don’t want to lose the drives.

If you know any best practices for shutdown and startup please let me know.

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jim6540Connect With a Mentor Commented:
.      Stop all I/O to the array.

b.      Wait approximately 5 minutes to allow the write cache to finish its
writes to the storage system.  Writes may not be completed but following this
procedure will ensure data integrity.

c.      Turn off the SPS power switch on each SPS.  

WARNING:  Never turn off the power directly to the SPE chassis or the OS-Boot
chassis by using any switches on the power supplies.  Never unplug any of the
AC cables going to the SPE or OS-Boot chassis to disconnect power.

d.      As soon as the second SPS is turned off, any data in the SP (cached
data) will be saved to the vault drives.

e.      When the saving of the cached data from the SP is completed (up to 90
seconds), the SPS units will power off by themselves, thus removing power to
the SPE chassis and the OS-Boot chassis.

f.      Once this is complete and the SPS units have turned both themselves and
the power supplies connected to them off, any other chassis can be turned off
by using the power supply switches or removing cables from their AC source.
The whole point of a SAN is that it stays up 24/7. any reason why you want to shut it down? Doesn't the servers attached to it need the data?
oraclestreamsAuthor Commented:
Applications which are hosted on this unit is for demo purpose only. Servers are attached to the CX700.
oraclestreamsAuthor Commented:
Thank you, which mean I can just turn off the Power on SPS one after other it will take cars of the rest. Am I right?

The DAE's won't power off by themselves, but the controller should , and after that, just power off the 2 power supplies on each DAE.
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