Infopath Schema Validation Errors

I am getting an error on some older forms that I have upgraded many times.  When I try to open the older completed forms I get an error box that says:

This form was created with a new version of the form template.  Infopath cannot find the new version.  Do you want to open with the older version?

If I say no the form closes
If I say yes then I get validation schema errors.  
Element '{}Auth1Comments' is unexpected according to content model of parent element '{}Approval1'

How do I tell which version of my document this was created with?  Or how can I get these opened?
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Clay FoxConnect With a Mentor Director of Business IntegrationCommented:
You can open the XML file in Notepad and the first line should have the path to the template and which version.  You can also look at the data schema and see the fields it has.
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