wizard control displays incorrectly

I have written and published some pages using the Wizard Control.
I have tested in a number of environments and everything looks great.
My client however, is on a laptop, with Vista, Office 2007, and IE 8 and the page does not display correctly. It gets SOOOO wide that she has to scroll and scroll to the right to see everything. It is like 2x the size as it should be.
Everyone in her office has same laptop and they all have this problem.
Any ideas?
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DLockwoodConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:

I searched and searched for an answer and couldn;t find one. As soon as I post the uestion here, I figure out the answer myself.

There is a "Wrap" setting in the wizard that gets ignored in IE 7 but not in IE 8. It kept the text from wrapping and caused the screen to get too wide.
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