Contacts being added randomly to emails

When a user sends emails every once in a while random contacts get added to his email.

For example he has 2 contacts chosen for email conversation that spanned over 5 exchanges. He was sending and replying fine until one day he noticed 2 additional contacts just randomly showed up in the 'CC' section in the email he sent. This has been happening very randomly. He did not add them. They were not there when he hit the send button. They would reply asking why they were CCed and when checking his sent box he noticed they were there.

He is using Outlook 2007 on a Windows XP machine. We use Symantec EPM and ran a full virus scan and everything seemed clean. All of the updates are up to date.

Thanks in advance for any help,

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get a second opinion on the virus scan.

pull the drive, piggyback it on a second machine and scan again, preferably with an alternative av program.  tis will get underneath any cloaked viruses.

If this doesn't find anything, then it is almost certainly a software issue.
NBCOTAuthor Commented:
I was going to look into the virus more but since it doesn't attach anything or make emails on it's own I kind of ruled it out.

I think a profile rebuild is next in mind but wanted to see if anyone had a better idea for a quick fix.
This can be virus issue. Scan your PST file and computer as well to resolve the issue.
NBCOTAuthor Commented:
I will retry the virus scan. I am not sure if the PSTs or the Home drive were checked as well.Thanks.
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